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Friday, September 3, 2010

How will this affect my writing?

So big news! I moved!

Even bigger news, I moved against my will, into my best friends house.

I've lived with her a couple times in The past, but I gotta say that I never thought I would be living with her again, with her husband, with my husband and daughter and another on the way. It is really hard to even wrap my head around what has happened. It happened so fast, one minute I'm living in my house, the next another family has moved in and it is a bad situation, so we could either suck it up, or move out. Granted, that's not the whole story, there is much more drama than I care to write. What hurt the most, for me was when I was told by people whom I called family, that I was not family.

All in all, this has not been a fun few weeks.

I sat down the other day to try and write a begining for my book and I actually managed to get something down! Maybe a good side to this whole mess is it will get me to write more!