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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Thats what Im going to call it! I just spent the last 2 weeks reading all 5 books to the Percy Jackson Series. Of course It wasnt all hard work no play..I enjoyed my "research" a little.
I was so emmersed yesterday I finished the entire last book. My kids could have been on fire and all I would have said was "Thats nice sweety go play."

My reason for researching is because I was watching Avatar (not the Number 1 movie) The Last Air Bender. It a cartoon on Nickelodeon that I used to watch and is now being made into a movie, which I can not be more excited about! Anyway its about 4 "nations" Earth, Air, Water, and Fire Benders. A person born into the different nations sometimes has the ability to bend that element. Now I didnt really notice at first, but after a couple episodes I began to catch similarities in this cartoon and my prospective book.

For instance my characters can "bend" those substances as well as moon, and sun. Their water benders have th ability to do mine. The Avatar can master all for elements, my main character has the ability to bend 2 elements.

So many likeness' I just can not go through wtih it. No matter how irritating it is to finally have had an idea that actually got further than one page, that can no longer be persued!

So for now Im back to research and hopefully I will be blessed with a completely (well maybe not completely seeing as there are only 9 fiction plots) original idea. Pray for me.

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  1. Aw that stinks! Good luck...Can't wait to read what ever you write!