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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Motivation comes from self

I know this is true now! I have actually sat down and wrote for more than an hour at a time and only because I have been motivating myself. It also helps that my husband doesnt mind if I spend multiple hours at Barnes and Noble while he is at home with our daughter :)

I have found that the atmosphere at the Starbucks Barnes and Noble, along with a Venti Chai Tea Latte or Hot Chocolate, is the perfect breeding grounds for my motivation to write :)

I wish I could spend a whole day there, just drinking and writing, but unfortunately not only do I not have a day to waste away at Barnes and Noble, I also have to keep my cafeen drinks down to one a day, unless I want a baby jumping all over the place right when he/she gets out! haha

The point of this blog was to say that you are the only one who can motivate yourself. Find something that helps you and use it!

Until next time :)


  1. Nice piece. I love going to a quiet yet public place to have private times of thought and thinking, especially of Christ and with Him and His Word.

    There is definitely truth to what you say. I find that John 15 in the Bible teaches me about myself in truest colors by the One who created us all where He says "without me you can do nothing....abide in me". Christ also says that "as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me." That in me is the ultimate motivation for living daily life as I find that within myself I either don't motivate myself well (get lazy) or I overcompensate and get busy to just be busy.

    The goal is the motivator. Satisfaction is the goal. And Christ is the only true goal & satisfaction. He said in John 15 too that when we find that out, then His joy will be in us and it will be full!

  2. Oooo.... How nice it would be to have an entire day at Starbucks to write....
    Eh, what do impossible fantasies accomplish though? If I can't write unless I get a day away from home, then I can give up being a writer.
    Also, I think my brain mouth (well, fingers) filter is not working very well. I have no idea if what I said made any sense at all :P