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Saturday, December 26, 2009 evil nemisis strikes again!

PhotobucketI have attempted to put everything on my computer, but have only managed half a page so far, and that half a page has 5 different changes from what I wrote originally! Although I do like it better I cant help but wonder if nothing will stay the same. As Ive written more in my notebook different plot points change and even characters names. If someone read my "book" right now they would definately see that it is completely different from start to finish.

I can see now that Im going to have to edit about 20 times to make sure everything is right.

All in all Ive been doing alright. Ill write a page or two a day, which isnt really signifacant but is much much more than I ever have before so Im really proud of myself! Im still into the story and I havnt gotten to the good part yet. (Seeing as Im writting it I know exactly where it will be!) I know alot that I already want to change with the begining and want so bad to back track and change it now, but if I do that I will keep doing it and the story will never go forward. So I am going to say on this path and just keep writing.

Right now Im not getting into much detail, im just writing through what I know is going to happen and writing the major plot points, my first edit will be to put all the datail and the bulk of the book in. Then only 19 more edit sessions after that!! Pray for me!

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