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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climate Change

You know..the climate something different.

Climate changeI'm just kidding people, but really It starts to get me thinking sometimes. If each year the average raises a half a degree then it could start to get pretty darn hot! I know that I try and do my part, use less energy and all that jazz, but sometimes its so hard to keep that as a priority. I could definately do more, turn off lights, unplug electronics when Im not using them, recycle.

It's kind of like if every one donated 1 penny to a charity that would be alot of dough. So if we use that concept and everyone cut back one day, then that would be a heck of alot of energy saved!

Some people just shut down when anything about the environment or global warming comes up in conversation, but I urge people to listen, and act! It just takes one penny to make a difference.


  1. Girl we're in the process of changing everything around our house--- talking about going Green, that's us. Our light bill went down from 230 to 109 last month just by adding a few meters to measure our temp. unplug some non-used items, using energy saving light bulbs and its working! I wouldn't have believe it but it's true~ people wold be amazed at the little things they can do that would give back to the earth and have some extra cash to spend.

  2. Steve & Julie SwansonOctober 15, 2009 at 10:40 PM

    Ashley definately inpressed by your writing! It shows intrigue, candor, thought, impressionism, soul, vigor, interest, passion, & humanitarism....all at the same time. Spell check can take care of the grammar woes...good picture of Bella btw ..I showed Mimi..and she likes it! Stay true to your dream and focused on the writing mission ahead..I look forward to seeing what ya got in your writing pen....( i forgot to tell you that I wrote many short stories when i was your age and im still kickin myself in the posterior for not doing something with all of it way back when ..) Best of luck on the challenges ahead!

  3. That is a very good incentive! Extra money! It makes me happy to see that it's the "cool" thing to do, to be green also. Whatever it takes! Also, I bought some reusable grocery bags to use less plastic, but I forget them 9 times out of 10! I need to remind myself more. Forgetfulness is my enemy!

  4. Thanks Steve! That means so much to me! :) I have always felt the drive to do this, and the 50,000 word challenge with NaNoWriMo has kicked it into high gear for me :) BTW it is never to late to do anything!