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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This past saturday I had my first meet up with fellow NaNoers in my area. It was great to sit around drinking coffee amd talking about our different goals, and the different ways we might nedd help through out the month. It was such a wonderful experience, I cant wait until the kick off meeting.

I found a pen the other day, by the way, but it can not compete with my old one. The silver grey pen had become a companion of sorts. My loss was tragic, but I might get over it. With time..and a new pen just like it.

Only ten more days until NaNoWriMo and Im still fine tuning the plot line.

Only ten more days, and I still dont have a name for my main male character. I hope it will hit me just as I am about to write it down.

My brain is scattered tonight with people talking all around me so I can not stick to one subject. I hope that problem doest occure come NaNo time.

Until the next time (when, hopefully, I will be significantly less scatter brained) God Bless!

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