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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Spell Check

Please do not be perturbed by my lack of spelling skills in the previous post. Although I claim to be a writer, I have never claimed to be a speller. That is one of my weaknesses that makes people wonder when I say I'm going to write a book. Thats what spell check is for people! I dont need to be an excelent speller in order to be and excelent I?

Unfortunately when I write this blog, it has no automatic spell check. So one day when your reading this blog and you have no idea what it is I'm trying to say, just ask me and I will google it, and if you want, you can even tell me the correct way to spell it. (By the way, I totally googled perturbed to see if I spelt it right..and I did!)

Don't get me wrong, I know how to spell research (I didn't even have to google that one) I blame that, repeated, mis-spell on my tendency to think faster than I can write. I will get one word down, but I'm already thinking about what Im going to write in the next sentence. Its a problem, I know, but that is the beauty of editing.

I'll just try and edit before I post...although that doesnt always work.

I almost spelt although with a "T" at the end.

Also, sometimes I go through this phase where I want to put an "E" at the ende ofe every worde. Anyone know what thats about?

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