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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My desk is full of it, clutter that is, it's a pretty grusome sight. I've been asked a couple times how I can even work in such an environment. It's my creative chaos, I reply. From an "outsiders" eyes it looks like a horrific mess of papers and trash and candy wrappers, but I know exactly where everything is. How do I know where it it is you may ask, well I put it there!

My whole house is clean (well it is sometimes) So this is my little area of  crazyness, it has to get out somewhere.

I recently found a cute "office toys" kit. It has tons of little square papers and a peice of paper with a football stadium and goal posts, so I can fold the little papers into little footballs and "kick" them into the goal. Unfortunately my 8 year old sister and my step-daughter got a hold of them and made them all into little bitty "envelopes" and "letters." So now I can just stare at my goal posts, with no footballs to toss at it. I suppose I could make some out of regular paper, but the little papers had cute footballs and helmets on them.

Enough of my ranting about football, I have no idea where the sudden interest in sports came from. Even if it is only "office sports."

Nine days until the start of NaNoWriMo, and I can finally start writing! I need to work more on my outline before then. Still some little points that need to be figured out, especially that darn name! Maybe if I put a poll on here y'all can vote for a name. Of course then I would have to think of four different names, so that doesnt really help.

I hear my daughter waking up so until next time!

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