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Thursday, October 22, 2009

You know you're a writer if...

  • You finish your or others comments with dialogue discriptions ie: She said, or she sighed (how ever you spell that) exsasperatedly.  <~~ I do that all the time!
  • You listen to a song and think 'That would be a great aspect to add to my book!'
  • You have dreams about what ever your writing at the time.
  • You get irritated at your characters and think of something to write in that would make you feel better, so they can get what they deserve!
  • You get surprised when something shocking though your reading it for the first time.
  • You even get shocked when you thought about what was going to happen way before you wrote it!
  • You feel as though letting someone else read your writting is an invasion of privacy.
  • Yet you still want to publish it for thousands to read.
All of these describe me; no joke! Add on anymore that you can think of.


  1. You know you're a writer if...

    Several times you've wished you could (and tried) writing you emails and other conversations with friends in novel form. :p Waaay guilty of that.

  2. At least we can think in Novel form and people wont think were crazy, or at least they wont know we are!

  3. Well I guess I'm doing something right. Great points. I feel like I'm dreaming my story even when I'm not sleeping.